Mahanoy Area School District - The Bear Pride of Schuylkill County
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Mahanoy Area School District in cooperation with parents and community members, is to provide diverse practical educational opportunities, to enhance each student's self-esteem, to develop individual talents and interests which will encourage students to achieve their full potential, and to become productive citizens in an ever-changing, global society.

History of The Mahanoy Area School District

The Mahanoy Area School District was not always one school. At one time there were three schools; the Mahanoy City School, the Mahanoy Township school and the Gilberton High School. Two schools were located in Mahanoy City, and had their own sports teams. The three schools eventually merged into one school to become the Mahanoy Area School District.

The first superintendent for the joint school district was Dr. Frank Burrock. The school nickname and colors were to be selected in the school’s first year. Possible candidates for the schools nickname were The Black Knights, The Chinese Bandits, and The Golden Bears. Along with the nickname, the school colors also had to be selected. Mahanoy Township’s school colors were purple and gold, and Mahanoy City’s school colors were maroon and black.

The Golden Bears, and the combination colors of black and gold were selected and adopted in the first year. The class of 1960 was the first to graduate from the new high school. The 1980 class was the first school to graduate from the old high school or the current middle school. The last team at Mahanoy Area, to win a state championship, was the 1998 Girls’ Basketball Team. The Mahanoy Area Boys basketball team has lead the school to many division titles, but no state titles as of yet!

In the year 2000, the need for a new school was brought up. The old dilapidated Mahanoy Township building needed to be replaced. So, in the year 2001, the International Bedding Corporation’s building was purchased, and turned into the current high school. The class of 2003 was the first class to graduate from the new school, and the class of 2006 was the first class to complete four years in the new building.



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Mahanoy Area: Bear Pride