The Mahanoy Area Alumni Association

The Mahanoy Alumni Association was established in
1992 to promote and support the students of the
Mahanoy Area School District. Since that time
monetary assistance has been given to improve
both educational programs and co-curricular
activities of the district.

Membership is open to all graduates of Mahanoy
Area, including Mahanoy City, Mahanoy Township,
Gilberton, and Delano High Schools or any other
person interested in promoting the welfare of the
Mahanoy Area School District.


What’s New with You???

Please email us with any newsworthy
information about yourself or other alumni.
On our web page we will have a section
called ALUMNI NEWS. We would like to
list awards, achievements, marriages, etc. of
our alumni. If you wish to share your news
with us, please send an email to (In the subject line
write - Alumni News)