Mahanoy Area SD
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Elementary School Faculty

Mr. Mike Heater Principal
Mrs. Lisa Broomell Assistant Principal
Mrs. Yarnitsky Guidance Counselor
Ms Heim Behavorial Specialist
Mrs. Wells Librarian
Mr. Dulsky Kindergarten
Mrs. Kowalick Kindergarten
Ms. Williams Kindergarten
Mrs. Bro Kindergarten
Mrs. Manley First Grade
Mrs. Antz First Grade
Ms. Santai First Grade
Mrs. Fanelli First Grade
Mrs. Haughney First Grade
Mrs. Trainer Reading Support
Mr. Gould Second Grade
Ms. Roberts Second Grade
Mrs. Anthony Second Grade
Mrs. George Second Grade
Mrs. Price Reading Specialist
Mrs. Amershek Third Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Gnall Third Grade Math
Mrs. Kufro Third Grade Science
Mrs. Zawada Third Grade Language Arts
Mrs. Blozousky Fourth Grade Science
Mr. Lawrence Fourth Grade Social Studies
Ms. Kurzinsky Fourth Grade Math
Ms. Kardisco Fourth Grade Language Arts
Mrs. Cavenas Fith Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Dobeck Fifth Grade Science
Ms. Kesselring Ffth Grade Language Arts
Mr. Zack Fith Grade Math
Ms. Stetts Sixth Grade Social Studies
Mr. Mroczka Sixth Grade Science
Ms. Linkchorst Sixth Grade Language Arts
Ms. Davidson Sixth Grade Math
Mrs. Fessler Sixth Grade Math
Ms. Wolfe Physical Education and Health
Mr. Berger Music
Ms. Renn Computer Science
Mrs. Scicchitano Art
Mrs. Brylewski First and Second Grade Title 1 Reading
Mrs. Honus Instructional Support
Mr. Novatnak Special Education
Mrs. Kessler Special Education
Mr. Moucheron Special Education
Mrs. Romanot Special Education
Mrs. Hall Special Education
Mrs. Snyder Special Education
Mrs. Hogeland Life Skills
Mrs. Dudash Remedial Math
Mr. Bishop Music


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