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Instructional Support

The mission of instructional support is to identify students who are at risk of school failure and to provide them with the type of academic, behavioral, communication, and social/emotional support needed to succeed in school. Its intent is to create a seamless system where no student suffers from the lack of support. This process is accomplished by developing collaborative school-based structures where team-building, shared expertise, and teacher empowerment occur for the betterment of students and teachers alike.

Melissa Honus is the director of Instructional Support at The Mahanoy Area School District. You may contact her at

Benefits of Instructional Support

  • Prompt assistance with academic and behavior problems.
  • Assement in classroom curriculum, compared with classroom expectations.
  • Strategies implemented in the classroom, when possible.
  • Instruction and support from several staff members.
    Classroom Teachers
  • Immediate response to request for assistance.
  • New strategies to implement in the classroom that can be generalized to others.
  • Member of the team and support from the team.
  • Collaboration among teachers, ideas shared.
  • An understanding of child's academic and/or behavioral performance.
  • Knowledge of interventions being implemented.
  • Strategies that can be used at home.
  • Involvement in the education of their children.

The Instructional Support Process

  1. Identifying students who need academic, behavioral, communication and social / emotional support.
  2. Convening IST meetings to advocate for the specific needs of students.
  3. Applying intervention and management strategies.
  4. Providing in classroom support for students and teachers.
  5. Expanding the capability of classroom teachers by involving them in team-decision making, problem solving and guided practice.
  6. Monitoring intervention implementation and student progress.
  7. Determining how best to meet the needs of students through a continuum of services.

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