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The Mahanoy Area School District

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition

Parents who host, lose the most

Sponsored by the Schuylkill County Drug and Alcohol Program

To report underage drinking, call the Mahanoy Area Anonymous Community Tip Line


Mrs. Kate Orsulak 570.773.3443 x. 4022
Ms. Sharon Chiao 570.773.1553


Mrs. Andrea Caulfield 570.773.3443. x. 4165

Mission Statement

We wish to coordinate school/community efforts aimed at developing healthy beliefs, provide leadership and resources, and provide strategies to help reduce the impact of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use through the promotions and collaboration of coalition members and private and public sectors of our community. Our vision is to increase awareness of the risk of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and create an environment that promotes a healthy and drug-free community.

About the MADAPC

Mahanoy Area's Drug and Alcohol Coalition seeks to educate and communicate with parents, the general public and community organizations to eliminate drug, tobacco, and alcohol use; while at the same time, reduce associated criminal behavior. This coalition is a partnership of law enforcement, city and county government, human service, educational and community-based organizations. The Mahanoy Area Drug and Alcohol Coalition is made up of three committees:

Parent Outreach

Committee Leader: Mrs. Andrea Caulfield


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2017 Schuylkill County Report

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Community Outreach

Committee Leader(s): Mr. Mickey Holland/ Mrs. Colleen Rhoades

Letter to Parents

Student Oachutre

Committee Leader: Mrs. Lisa Broomell

Upcoming Events

The next meeting will be held Thursday, January3, 2019 at 2:30 PM in High School LGI room.

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